Strategy Evaluation and Development

Initial discovery around the understanding of how mature is your business strategy for driving sustained growth.

Business Capability Assessment
Evaluating what problem you are trying to solve with technology and mapping technology capabilities to business needs.

System Maturity Assessments

End to end evaluation of the maturity of processes within your organization.

Risk Management Evaluation
A current state risk profile snapshot of your entire organization from a holistic standpoint.

Innovation Enablement

The assessment of innovation within an organization in order to develop and implement a robust and repeatable innovation process.

Technology Roadmaps
The development of long-term technology roadmaps to drive innovation and growth while incorporating obsolescence planning and proper sun-setting.  Note: Includes resource optimization and budget allocation assessment.

Visioning and Conceptual Designs
Working with clients to gather key inputs to develop a shared vision of their needs.

Workflow/Process Optimization

The improvement or development of processes in order to reduce and/or eliminate inefficiencies in your organization.

Process Mapping/Data Flow
Mapping current and future state workflows to ensure the most efficient and effective outcomes for an organization including performance indicators for on-going monitoring and trending. 

Vendor Selection/Management/Development
The implementation of RFP/RFQ processes to facilitate vendor selection as well as the incorporation of advanced quality planning techniques for more successful product launches will driving continuous improvement with your Vendors.