Initial assessment to ensure your organization is meeting compliance regulations conducted either internally or with some external agencies.

Gap Assessment
To determine the current state of information security for your organization and the utilization of different IT governance frameworks depending on customer needs such as HIPAA, HITECH, ISO 27K, PCI DSS, NIST.  Also includes the development of customized remediation based on identified security risks with a risk based approach using technical risk, business risk and compliance risk.


Information security and compliance program development and maintenance for growing organizations looking to ensure compliance and appropriately addressing threats to their organization.

CISO Creation  
The vCISO is responsible for the information security strategy for the entire organization and provides services that gives your IT resources the flexibility to focus on their day to day activities. 


Vulnerability management, penetration assessments, security control implementations, and incident response planning.

Cybersecurity Services
The development and implementation of cybersecurity services based on the client’s business, IT and information security needs.


Managed services, Implementation, and Medical Device Security
Ancillary services that can be customized based on the client’s business, IT and information security needs.