Cyber fraud is on the rise right now. Those of us in the information security field commonly see business email scams (as detailed here by the FBI – The scams range anywhere from spoofing the CEO’s email address and requesting a wire transfer to business email accounts being compromised and from there reset banking information to transfer money out.

As stated in this NPR story (, if you are a business and are the victim of banking fraud, the bank isn’t on the hook to reimburse you for your losses.

So I cannot stress enough – implement two-factor authentication for your email, social media, banking, and remote access. It is easily the best way to reduce risk right now. If someone compromises your accounts, at least you are still control of the second factor and they cannot get in.

The website TwoFactorAuth ( has compiled a great list of websites that use two-factor authentication. And if  you are new to two-factor authentication, LifeHacker has put together a great intro to two-factor authentication (