Striker Advisory’s main focus is to align Business strategic objectives with Information Technology.  We have over 20 years of experience in IT and information security in different sectors such as healthcare, financial, retail, government, and automotive just to name a few and have worked with small and medium size companies as well as large complex systems and Fortune 500 companies.

Striker Advisory’s approach is the net result of lessons learned from years of experience working with many clients. Striker Advisory’s team has assisted more than 30 organizations with their development and IT needs and also have helped leading healthcare provider institutions with their security needs.  Our methodology leverages our combined experiences to deliver an approach consistent with industry trends and reflects generally accepted methodologies and concepts.  We also customize our solutions to meet the client's business needs and have teams dedicated to implement the necessary IT changes and information security safeguards.

Striker Advisory’s dedicated team of cross-disciplinary specialists assists companies to develop an integrated approach to application development. Striker Advisory has been recognized as a leader in the area, noting our integrated approach as a leading factor in achieving this.

  • Web, Mobile, and Application Development – Striker Advisory has assisted numerous organizations with identifying, selecting, and developing technology solutions to enable these organizations to achieve their strategic business objectives.
  • Expertise and Industry Leadership – Striker Advisory’s Security Practice has helped leadership with key organizations to address industry leading practices and standards such as the HIPAA, PCI, and policy development.
  • Security Technology Architecture Experience – We have delivered numerous security technology architecture assessment engagements by helping organizations identify areas of focus and the relationships and dependencies between security tools.
  • IT Managed Services -Striker Advisory has helped organizations break down rigid silos with simplified infrastructure solutions specifically engineered to reduce costs and increase productivity across the enterprise.